Kmenu editor - launching files

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun Jan 21 17:16:59 GMT 2007

John wrote:

> Hi
> I'm try to launch pdf files from the Kmenu using Kmenu edit. I expected to
> just have to launch the file together with it's path but that doesn't
> work. I've also tried acroread " path --- file name". That just launches
> acrobat and it complains that the file doesn't exist. If I drop the quotes
> it complains that several files don't exist. Just what do I need to do?
> Kmenu Edit help has no information on this sort of thing at all.
> Editing in the command - wine " path -- file name " causes wine to start
> up and then load the program. I'm using a gp windoze magnetics simulation
> program as there doesn't seem to be anything simular available on linux
> only general FEA. The pdf's are tutorials etc but wine will not launch
> them from the apps window. Everything else is ok.

I'm not quite sure I understand the problem, but perhaps it's another
manifestation of ?

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