K9copy Problems

Marek Franke mfranke78 at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 11 21:17:26 GMT 2007

Graham wrote:
> I've just joined this list, so if I am asking for solutions that should
> be asked elsewhere please forgive me :)
> I want to copy some of my DVDs as backup.  I started to use K9copy
> because it is stated on the website that the video strem is compresed
> to make it fit on a 4.5Gb recordable DVD.
> If the original file(s) are less than 4.5Gb, copying with K9copy goes
> well, but I could just as easily use K3b to copy the DVD.  However,
> when the original files are (say) 8GB, K9copy refuses to copy them and
> halts with an error report.
> Changing the size of the DVD settings to 8000mb in Settings->DVD
> doesn't work.
> Has anybody got any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
OK, I'm not into k9copy very much but as I've seen k9copy is not a real 
DVD backup utility, it is a shrinker. That means that you can shrink 
your movie DVD that is larger than 4,5 GB to a DVD with a capacity af 
4,5 GB. But you can't copy whole DVDs with a capacity more of 4,5 GB to 
another empty DVD with more than 4,5 GB. I think that's the magic.

Greetings, Marek

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