KDE media:/ failure - "Cannot obtain lock on /media/.hal-mtab"

LeVA leva at az.isten.hu
Fri Jan 5 12:12:39 GMT 2007

Daniel wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to setup this media:/ thing under KDE-3.5.5. I have the
> media manager running, and when I plug in my pen-drive I get a window
> (Title: Manage Devices and Plugins). I'm absolutely clueless about
> this :) What is it for? It contains the device name (sda1), and I can
> select a Plugin from a drop-down list {Do not handle, Generic audio
> player, Music sharing, Apple iPod media device, etc...}. It has two
> buttons [Autodetect Devices] and [Add Device...]. Can someone tell
> what can I do with this?
> Anyway, my problem is not related to this window, but with the other,
> in which I can select what to do with my inserted media. It
> recognized the Medium type: Unmounted Removable Medium, and I can
> choose to "Open in New Window" or "Do Nothing". I choose open in new
> window, and then a new Konqueror window opens, and I get an error
> message which says: "Cannot obtain lock on /media/.hal-mtab". I
> noticed that I don't have the /media directory, so I've created it
> with failsafe permissions (777). Now I get a "Permissions denied"
> error message... I've googled for the former error message a bit, but
> none of the results were in english :\

If one hasn't got a folder named media in his root, then:
# mkdir /media
# chmod 1777 /media

As for the "permissions denied" error message, it was because if the 
device is listed in /etc/fstab, then hal refuses to mount it. I had to 
comment out my line for the pendrive (and for other medias too: 
dvd-reader, dvdrw etc...).

That's it.


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