Jes Hall jhall at kde.org
Thu Jan 4 22:28:32 GMT 2007

On Friday 05 January 2007 11:31, ajtiM wrote:
> > It doesn't render perfectly but it does work for me in Kubuntu Edgy, with
> > KDE 3.5.5. I'm afraid the story with Flickr is they essentially write for
> > Mozilla based browsers and IE and don't care all that much about the
> > rest. Are you using any kind of odd browser identification that would
> > cause them to possibly give you different code than they do me? I'm using
> > the default Konqueror identification.

> Identification doesn't help me. Problem is just with the Organize. Firefox
> work but I like Konqueror. It stopped working on 27th December. And BTW I
> have an Arch Linux.

Yup, and Organize works just fine for me. Can you think of any other reason 
your Konqueror might be different? Since we're both using KDE 3.5.5 I can't 
understand why it would work for me and not you :(


Jes Hall
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