Konqueror opening DL'd tgz files as a list of files on FC2

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Wed Feb 28 20:25:09 GMT 2007

Later versions of Konqueror don't seem to have this problem. FC5 for example. 
When I open Konqueror, go to a site, and DL a tar.gz, or a tar.bz2, a box 
opens asking me where I want to save it.

By contrast on FC2, I open Konqueror, go to a site, click on a tar.gz to 
download, and another Konqueror opens. Another small window opens saying it's 
downloading, and progresses to display a list of files downloaded in this new 
Konqueror window.

How can I change this behaviour? What I want, is when I click on a tar.gz 
download is for Konqueror to ask me where I want to save it as an unpacked 

Apologies that I'm still using FC2, and Konqueror 3.2.2-8.FC2 Red Hat (Using 
KDE 3.2.2-14.FC2.2.legacy Red Hat)

FC2 has always worked fine for me with KDE, and it's just this annoying little 

Comments very much appreciated.

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