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> Hiho,
> when I want to delete something with Konqueror I can only move it to 
> trash and empty trash then. What I mean is the following:
> 1. Mount MP3-Player as USB-HD
> 2. Right click on any content on the MP3-Player
> And then we are there, I can only move the content to trash and I
> can't delete it directly on the Player. The question: how can I
> expand the content menu with something like a 'direct delete'?
> Thanks, Marek

>From the Konqueror main menu bar, go to the following area:
"Settings | Configure Konqueror | Behavior"

In the lower half of the dialog, you will find (among other things) the
"Show 'Delete' context menu entries which bypass the trashcan"

Make sure that box is checked.  Then (of course) click "Apply" and then

Have a Great Night,
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