Java applet, window behavior and empty popup windows

PEEN (Per Engelbrecht) peen at
Wed Feb 14 13:26:33 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Short explanation:
[ENV=KDE 3.5.4]
Here at work we're using Netscape Directory Manager for administration
some of our LDAP instances i.e. doing a ssh -X login (using KDE's
Konsole) to whatever master before exec the directory manager console
itself (java applet/GUI). Upon exec of the client/applet/GUI  a info
windows opens followed shortly by the actual login window and it's all
fine exept that when I'm working on my OpenBSD 4.0 desktop, the  actual
login window is empty (empty window frame with grey background).
However, if I do the exact same from (also KDE 3.5.4) e.g. an OpenSuSE
box or a RHEL4 running in vmware on XP, I receive a usable and viewable
login window ..?!

I've been searching, google and the local KDE docs without
result. I've also looked upon 'windows behavior' in KDE between the
different boxes here at work.
Can anybody point me in the right direction (any help is appreciated)

Best regards,



peen at
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