kcontrol kcmshell "privacy"

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 9 21:32:32 GMT 2007

>> If you just want the settings changed, your best bet is to edit the
>> config
>> files manually, or using kwriteconfig. Most KDE config files are
>> stored in
>> ~/.kde/share/config . If you really want to have the "clicking the
>> boxes"
>> done automatically, you can try froglogic's squish or kdexecutor
>> from, um,
>> some other company. They're both commercial software, but you might
>> find
>> they have licensing terms to your liking.
> Sorry but I don't use a commercial software to "click a box"

You're welcome :-/.

Anyway, perhaps I should have been clearer. First, I have no affiliation
with either of those companies, so I'm not advertising on their behalf or
anything. Second, ISTR that they both offer a free (as in beer) version for
KDE development, which is what I was thinking of when I said they might
have licensing terms that suit you.

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