Change sound settings globally

Christoph Pleger Christoph.Pleger at
Mon Feb 5 14:06:12 GMT 2007


> > > After some code browsing I'd say the KDE program which usually
> > > starts aRts is  KNotify.
> > > Maybe you'll need some values from its configuration file as well.
> >
> > I cannot find any configuration file for knotify. What is the usual
> > name for it?
> Here it is .kde/share/config/knotifyrc, but maybe it is just default
> values on  your system.
> But then something else must be there to make the aRts config work
> locally but  not globally :(

I have found the solution: The problem happened because the user did not
have the necessary rights. I had copied kcmartsrc from my user directory
to the global configuration directory without realizing that only the
owner of the file had the right to read it.

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