svn snapshots sizes larger almost in two times than should be

Nikolay Orlyuk virkony at
Sun Dec 30 18:13:30 GMT 2007


Sorry, don't know where to wrote this.
Something wrong with archives like kdemultimedia-svn-752811.tar.bz2. They
are to big to contain only subversion info about files:

ony snapshots # ls -s kdemultimedia*
 964 kdemultimedia-752811.tar.bz2      1544
1512 kdemultimedia-svn-752811.tar.bz2  1012

After unpacking file kdemultimedia-svn-752811.tar.bz2 and packing again it
becomes smaller up to 1041 kb as it should be.

kdemultimedia-svntar-752811.tar.bz2 - is packed with svntar tool, which
creates tar with filtered content
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