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Subject: Re: [kde] Encoding issues
Date: Thursday December 20 2007
From: Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson at cox.net>
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On Thursday December 20 2007 14:57:50 
ssmail1398-maillist at yahoo.com wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Here is the kernel output from PCLINUXOS
> [svesan at localhost ~]$ grep -vh '^#' /usr/src/linux/.config |
> grep -v '^$' | grep -i nls
> while from OpenSUSE 10.3 get the output
> grep: /usr/src/linux/.config: No such file or directory

Try /proc/config.gz.

$ zgrep -vh '^#' /proc/config.gz | grep -v '^$' | grep -i nls

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA  USA

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first place."
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