How to arrange icons in task bar.

Ron Deen r.deen at
Thu Dec 20 07:29:05 GMT 2007

When I right-click on the icon in the task bar I can select "Move 
[application] button" and move it anywhere I want. There are however "areas" 
on the task bar with different function (buttons, quicklaunch, systray etc) 
that will not allow moving the buttons over there.
Hope this helps (I run KDE 3.5.2 btw)


Ron Deen
 On Thursday 20 December 2007 06:22:21 David J Brooks wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 December 2007 11:02:05 pm Richard Dawson wrote:
> > I have added links to various programs to the task bar, but I am unable
> > to arrange them in the order that I would like.  As I click and drag a
> > task to move it, I get a vertical line in the task bar indicating where
> > the icon will be, but (1) I cannot put it just anywhere, it will only go
> > in certain places on the task bar and (2) sometimes I get a big gap
> > between tasks that I cannot seem to control.
> >
> > I know I must be doing something wrong, but what?
> I solved this same problem by removing everything from the task bar and
> adding them back in in the order I wanted. YMMV.
> David

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