Setting the mouse wheel scroll

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Mon Dec 17 19:05:18 GMT 2007

> No matter what setting I enter in Control
> Center...Peripherals...Mouse...Advanced...Mouse wheel crolls by,
> one step of the mouse wheel always jumps just 3 lines.  To scroll to a new
> page takes forever...
What application are you referring to?

AFAIK, Xorg always emits only a single event (mouse button 4 and 5 for 
scrolling up and down). It's up to the applications to make proper use of it 
and usually you can't customize that setting in a control center. If you can, 
it's only for some groups of applications. The setting in kcontrol does not 
affect pidgin at all, but konqueror.

I found out that Adobe Acrobat Reader is horrible with scrolling, but kpdf is 
fine. Of course Acrobat Reader does not honour settings in KDE and not 
necessarily Gnome.

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