Setting the mouse wheel scroll

Frank Bures lisfrank at
Mon Dec 17 18:57:48 GMT 2007


I am relatively new to KDE.  I've been in *NIX administration for 30 years,
  but so far have always worked in CLI.  I justed switched to KDE from OS/2.

Anyway, here's a question:

No matter what setting I enter in Control
Center...Peripherals...Mouse...Advanced...Mouse wheel crolls by,
one step of the mouse wheel always jumps just 3 lines.  To scroll to a new
page takes forever...

Is there a way how to make the setting actually work?
Is there a way (providing the setting works) how to make the wheel scroll
more than 12 lines which appears to be the max?  I am accustomed to
scrolling by pages (from OS/2) which I found _very_ convenient.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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