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André Somers andre at
Fri Aug 31 13:58:17 BST 2007


>> I find myself once in awhile needing a regexp editor. KDE has
>> KRegExpEditor, but I have never felt quite a home in it. I don't
>> think it's representation is particulary clear, nor do I find it
>> quite intuitive how to operate it. Quite some time ago, I made my own
>> regexp builder. This one represents the expression as a tree (one
>> line per part of the expression) and does so using natural language
>> as much as possible.
> [snipped]
> Yes, occasionally I need one, and yes, I found KRegExpEditor not to be
> all that I wanted.
> It was then I started getting to know regex through the various pages
> on the net.  I remember I started with this brief guide:
> Couldn't the builder refer to other sites that would explain the
> process in more detail?

I'm not sure I get what you mean here. If I understand you correctly, you 
are supposing that a regexp builder gives more explanation about how regular 
expressions work?
I think up to a point you are right, but there are limits here. A regexp 
builder/editor is not an educational program that is there to teach you how 
to construct, read and interpret regular expressions, it is a tool to help 
you make them and use them for your other work. At least, that's how I see 
it, and that's how I build the builder I was talking about. So yes, a brief 
explanation is given for each building block, but no theoretical lesson on 
the details. It is the task of the builder/editor to make sure these details 
don't bite you, I think.

Or did I misinterpret your suggestion?



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