syncing kmail on multiple machines

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Mon Aug 27 13:10:07 BST 2007

i have 2 machines that i go back and forth with (a desktop and laptop), and 
ive been trying to figure out how to synchronize the messages between them.

for the most part, rsync works, but many messages dont show up.  i generally 
rsync the apps/kmail directory from the desktop to the laptop, and that gives 
me what appears to be the messages that have been received.  but when i did a 
test send from the laptop, and rsynced the laptops apps/kmail back over to 
the desktop, the physical message file is now also in the desktop's sent-mail 
folder, but it does not appear in the window.

are there any supported methods for actively using 2 systems, but to keep all 
their messages in sync?

(btw, my laptop does not delete messages from the server, thats been one of 
the most effective pieces of the puzzle so far)

Jonathan Horne
freebsd at
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