Kubuntu. No access to superuser file manager on desktop

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Sun Aug 19 07:59:26 BST 2007

On Sunday, 19. August 2007, David wrote:
> Why not keep it simple?
> Try creating a "link to application", choose the icon you like, and type
> kdesu konqueror
> in the "command" field.

Not that I want my solution to prevail, but there IS a difference:

kdesu konqueror opens a konqueror window, as root, but as a browser. You can 
of yourse click on the "home" icon and use it as a file manager.

opening "konqueror --profile filemanagement" opens a file manager view of 
konqueror. If you've saved your configuration for file management (for me 
that's a konqueror with two panes, one opened on my home directory, the other 
on my "data" directory". And if you add open as other user, you get a 
filemanager as root user.


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