What can I do with cda file ?

Manoel Couder manoel at swing.be
Wed Aug 8 19:10:09 BST 2007

Dear All,

A few days ago, a friend of mine wanted me to listen to an audio cd he 
recorded with his garage band. I had no time, I put the cd in and use 
audiocd:/ to rip it to my hard drive. I did a mistake and took the the 
content of system:/media/hda/CDA and copy it to my jard drive. I wanted to 
take the content of system:/media/hda/Ogg Vorbis but ... 

Anyhow, my question is: What can I do with those *.cda files ?

Those file have a size that match the size that a *.wav would have. That means 
they should contain some significant music data.

Any help would be welcome,

Thanks !!!

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