Kscreensaver animation freezes

Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 07:25:17 BST 2007

On Sunday 05 August 2007 21:07:38 David wrote:
> Hello,
> I run KDE 3.5.7 on Debian sid and I have set the screensaver to euphoria.
> Sometimes, and when the screensaver has been running for many minutes, the
> animation freezes.
> If I move the mouse, the screensaver exits (as usual) or, if the screen was
> locked, the animation restarts playing.
> Maybe the animation stopped because the screen should be switched off
> (because of energy economy). Actually, sometimes the screen switches off as
> expected. But other times the screen is on and the animation frozen.
> Any ideas? Shall I report a bug against kscreensaver? Or against the energy
> economy application (please tell me the name of the application)?
> Thank you,
> David


I can confirm this behavior. KDE 3.5.7 on SuSE 10.1 here. It would appear that 
this is caused by the screen not going out. Even stranger, when I was trying 
to get my powersaving to work properly, I observed the following: when the 
first threshold for the screen is reached (standby) the screen usually goes 
off. But right when the second one is reached (power off), the CPU seems to 
get busy for a moment (I can hear the fans switching on) and the screen goes 
on again. This would sometimes happen even before the power off should occur 
(sometimes, right after the standby). I tried configuring some different 
timeouts with no result. I have abandoned the issue since then, because I 
don't generally leave my laptop on batteries unattended and powersaving is 
not such an issue. (Besides being a global issue, of course:) )

Best regards.

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