Translate Gnome startup script to KDE

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Aug 5 18:32:38 BST 2007

I have had a rather hard time enabling Compiz on my Dell laptop, as it
has an ATI X1400 video card. I found a tutorial which helped me
configure Compiz in Gnome, but I'm not about to switch to Gnome just
for some eye candy. I hope that someone here can help me translate the
scripts used in the tutorial to start KDE instead of Gnome. I myself
have been unable to do so, after a good day googling the subject.

These are the scripts:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Start an Xgl Session

# # Start beryl-manager within gnome-session #
if (( `ps -A -o comm | grep -c '^Xgl$'` == "1" )); then  DISPLAY=:1
gnome-settings-daemon &  DISPLAY=:1 compiz --replace  else echo "${0}:
Error: compiz not launched. Xgl not running?" fi

Xgl -fullscreen :1 -ac -br -accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv:pbuffer &
sleep 4
export DISPLAY=:1
exec gnome-session

This is the address of the original tutorial:

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen
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