How to tell konqueror to cache files locally before executing external programs?

Ph. Marek philipp.marek at
Wed Aug 1 07:15:39 BST 2007

Hello Kevin!

On Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> When KDE needs to "start" a file, it checks the file associations. If the
> file assocation's command, usually the "Exec" line of the application's
> ".desktop" file, contains %u or %U, KDE assumes that the application will
> handle the URL itself. If it does not or if it contains %f or %F, it will
> download the file to a temporary location before starting the application.
Thank you.
After patching a %F 
into /menu-xdg/applications/menu-xdg/X-Debian-Applications-Editors-gvim.desktop 
it does work as expected.

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Thank you for your quick answer!


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