Right click and eject zip disk

Chris cjdl01 at brokensolstice.com
Wed Aug 1 15:29:26 BST 2007


I have installed Gentoo Linux on a macintosh g3 (blue).  Things are  
working great, except for one problem.

I have KDE setup to automatically show the icons for any external  
media.  This system has a zip drive and a cdrom.  Both show on the  
desktop as they should.


When the zip drive is "right-clicked", there is no option for eject in  
the menu!  This is a macintosh, remember, and they do not have an  
eject button on the case.  This computer is to go to a normal user who  
knows nothing about the command line.  I am trying to keep this as  
intuitable and consistent as possible.

I have looked through the entire kde directory tree, and cannot find  
the desktop file for the "Zip Disk" file which auto-populates on each  
users desktop.  I thought if I could find it, I could hack it and add  
an eject statement, but it is nowhere to be found on my entire hard  

Can someone  please help?


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