emacs key bindings

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Mon Apr 16 22:00:16 BST 2007

Hi all,

This problem has also been annoying me for a long time.
I've almost solved it by using Emacs for text editing, Opera
for web-browsing, and Bash for command lines, which cover almost
all my activities.  Still, from time to time, I type stupid 
short-cut keys on other applications because my fingers type
those emacs-like short-cut keys independently of my will. :-)

| To get emacs-like keybindings in KDE apps, you can use control
| center -> regional & a11y -> keyboard shortcuts, and especially the
| "application shortcuts" tab (where you can set things like Ctrl+A to
| go to beginning of line). I thought there used to be a "emacs-like"
| option there, but it seems that (in KDE 3.5 at least), you have to
| set each binding individually...

I've been wondering whether there can be a separate file or a snippet
of settings as an independent file containing a set of emacs-like
bindings.  This is the case with Opera Browser.  You have a separate
file containing emacs-like keybindings on Unix/Linux systems, so that
all you have to do is just to choose it.  On Windows, you get the file
from your nearby Linux/Unix machine and copy it into your local opera
directory, and then you can choose it.  In this way, you can share
your key bindings with other people.

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