Where are the logs (Desktop(?) Problem)

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Tue Apr 10 16:20:02 BST 2007


This morning I had a sudden electric interruption and when my mail machine 
(running Mepis Linux / Ubuntu basis) "recovered", I only had a blue screen 
(because I have a blue wallpaper).
Now I've checked the file systems, but tthe problem remains: the system starts 
fine, until KDE starts, it then remains stuck a long time 
saying "initializing peripherals", and then loads the blue screen, totaly 
empty and reactig to nothing.

I first thought some configuration files had been damaged, but this also 
happens if log in as root, so the problem is deeper...

It's not such a problem, because I was in the process of transferring my 
system to OpenSuSE but i?d like to find the logs to understand what went 
broke. However I don't find them, so I guess I'm not searching the right 


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