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Sun Apr 8 20:56:40 BST 2007

On Sunday, April 8, 2007 10:52 am, malebeast at wrote:

> > and change "whatever" to a valid color designator recognized by
> > css.
> >
> > That will style all elements that do not have a color set for them
> > to the color you choose.
> It's redefines all text colors, specified or not!
> It is not exactly what I need!

Then what you can do is target specific tags, such as p, li, h1, or 
whatever. Just replace * with a comma-separated list of tags you want 
one color to apply to. And create separate rules altogether if you want 
different colors to apply to different tags.

/* for black  paragraph and list items*/
p, li {
  color: #000000 ;

/* for red header tags */
h* {
  color: red;

You can specify anything you want, not just colors. You just have to 
have some information about cascading style sheets to know what is 
possible. Try having a look at
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