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Marcelo Magno T. Sales marcelo.sales at sefaz.pe.gov.br
Mon Nov 27 14:17:29 GMT 2006

Hi, Philip

Em Sexta 24 Novembro 2006 16:36, Philip Rodrigues escreveu:
> Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> > Hi, people
> >
> > How do I create a new view profile in Konqueror? I can modify existing
> > profiles, but how do I create a new one from scratch?
> Set up Konqueror as you like it, then Settings->Configure View Profiles.
> Enter a name for the new profile, then hit save. I guess it's not too
> intuitive. If there's anyone reading who'd like to help improve the
> Konqueror documentation in this regard, drop me or kde-doc-english at kde.org
> a line.

Thanks. It really isn't all that intuitive, but I should have tried doing that 
before asking.

> > Also, there are configurations I have no idea how to do in Konqueror. For
> > example, how do I add to Konqueror an embedded Konsole window, like the
> > one in the Midnight Commander profile?
> Window->Show Terminal Emulator.

I guess this was not a good example, because there is this option in Konqueror 
to embed a terminal. But is there a non-programatic way of embedding other 
applications that provide a KPart, like Kate?

> > How would I embed any KDE
> > application in a Konqueror Window?
> You can only embed applications that provide an appropriate KPart, although
> many do (eg, the KOffice applications). Was there a particular thing you
> wanted to do?

Not anything in particular right now, I was just experimenting with the 
possibilities. It seems to me that this capability of Konqueror of letting us 
to embed other applications in it is really powerfull and allows a wide range 
of customizations that non-programmers may be able to work out.

Thanks for your answer,

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