Kmail spam filtering - Help

John john_82 at
Fri Nov 24 17:55:41 GMT 2006

I'm having something of a spam problem and have looked around to see what can 
be used with kmail. All I can find are adaptive filters which will not do 
what I want. I need some simple rules such as

Is the mail from somebody in my address book?
Is the mail addressed to one of my accounts ? (Some aren't)
Is the mail from somebody in a domain or who has a name that I known sends 
The vast bulk of the rest could be spotted with a simple sentence and or word 
check. Firstly in the subject and then in the content.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Surely there is a filter available that will do 
some or all of these things.
Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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