Sending HTML to konqueror from the command line (via a named pipe)

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Wed Nov 22 01:24:01 GMT 2006

With the help of some posters over on the lvlug list (lvlug at, 
I've been able to send some HTML to firefox and lynx from the command line,  
via a named pipe, iiuc.)

I can't get the same thing to work for konqueror.  Any hints?  (I've tried 
quite a few ways of invoking konqueror and variations on the URL.)

Here's what works in lynx and firefox:

[rhk at s14 rhk]$ mkfifo foo.html
[rhk at s14 rhk]$ echo "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY>TEST</BODY></HTML>" > foo.html

Then, in firefox, browse to file:///rhk/foo.html, or start firefox (or lynx) 

mozilla-firefox file:///rhk/foo.html &

Tried the same thing, and quite a few variations, with konqueror and none of 
them work.

(The following is just a partial list of some of the variations--I've mixed 
and matched, varied the number of slashes, added my host name, my fully 
qualified host name, tried localhost...

   * kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing /rhk/foo.html
   * konqueror http:///rhk/foo.html
   * dcop konqueror-21622 konqueror-mainwindow#1 newTab file:///rhk/foo.html

Any hints?

Randy Kramer

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