konsole: losing ctrl-D and/or ctrl-B

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Mon Nov 20 09:02:37 GMT 2006

Hi KDE users,

While using konsole, I sometimes lose ctrl-B or ctrl-D .
(I don't know I've ever lost both at the same time. I may have.)
My login shell is bash, so ctrl-B moves the cursor backwards,
and ctrl-D erases the letter under the cursor in the middle of
a command line or exits bash at the top of the command line.

For example, I've been using a konsole window with three
shell sessions (tabs) open, on all of which I lost
ctrl-D several minutes ago.  That is, nothing happens any
longer when ctrl-D is pressed in any of the three sessions.
Then I invoked another konsole window, for which ctrl-D works
perfectly.  Ctrl-D works in this emacs window, too, on which
I'm composing this email message.

Similar things sometimes happen with ctrl-B.  I'm puzzled.
Is this problem known?  I found some ctrl-B problems reported
in the past.  I'm using the Debian testing distribution,
whose kde package says version "5:47".

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