[konqueror] connect to an already existing process

T E Schmitz mailreg at numerixtechnology.de
Tue Nov 14 22:39:20 GMT 2006

Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> T E Schmitz wrote:
>>T E Schmitz wrote:
>>>Christian Mueller wrote:
>>>>Am Montag, 13. November 2006 21:41 schrieb T E Schmitz:
>>>>>With mozilla, I can open a URL with a process that's already running
>>>>>(see http://www.mozilla.org/unix/remote.html):
>>>>>That is dead handy if you want to open a URL in a browser instance which
>>>>>is on a different workspace.
>>>kfmclient newTab opens the URL on the current
>>>active desktop.
>>>kfmclient does not seem to have an option to open the URl in a konqueror
>>>instance which is active on another desktop.
> I didn't carefully look at the script in that bug report, but the following
> seems to work:
> konqinstance=$(dcop | grep konqueror | head -n 1)
> dcop $konqinstance konq-mainwindow#1 newTab http://www.kde.org

I tried the dcop command above but get "object not acccessible" 
(regardless whether Konqueror is on the current or another desktop.



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz
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