unable to build fuse_kio

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 20:35:39 GMT 2006

For the record, I got it to build, after installing the following
Kubuntu packages:

Unfortunately, now that I have it buit and installed, it turns out to
be much less useful than one would hope. I noticed that all the
examples of its use seem to use fish://, and it does indeed seem to
work fine with fish:// (although sshfs does effectively the same thing
-- allowing all apps to access files via fish://) in a much more
convenient manner. But it doesn't seem to work with other kio slaves.
In particular, the one I really wanted it to work with, svn://, as
provided by the kdesvn kio slave, fails to work at all.

So my guess is that fuse_kio was only ever tested with fish://, and
not with a representative suite of kio slaves.
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