stop specific program from autostarting?

Jan Krajicek j.krajicek at
Sun Nov 5 15:47:02 GMT 2006


I have a dual-head setup and my problem is that gkrellm keeps restarting 
on screen 0 while I saved the session when it was on screen 1 where I 
want it.

Since this will probably not get fixed in near future, I was wondering 
if there is any way to simply stop a certain program from restarting at 
all after saving a session with the program running, I would start 
gkrellm myself by a ~/.kde/Autostart/ script on the correct screen, but 
when I do that gkrellm autostarts on both screens, once correctly from 
my script, and once extra on incorrect screen by session restore.

I searched a bit and read somewhere that programs that KDE restores from 
an old session are stored in ~/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc and indeed 
it's there, so I tried to remove all traces of gkrellm from there (and 
if that worked I would have just done that in an init script at system 
boot in future), but apparently I disrupted the format of the file or 
something and besides gkrellm some other programs which I /want/ to 
restart didn't.

Now I'm out of ideas.

There must be some simple way to stop a program from restarting, or to 
get it restart on the correct screen, if anyone has an idea or a 
different workaround, please tell me.

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