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Bob Stia rnr at
Sat May 27 23:49:18 BST 2006

Hello everyone.

Need some help understanding kmail's structure. I recently set up a new user 
with kmail. Wanted to move a small portion of my mail to that user but had 
some difficulty.  Had to end up forwarding that mail through the ISP and 
downloading as the new user. That worked OK, but I am puzzled because of the 
differences in the structure of kmail between  the new user and mine. I am 
beginning to believe it has to do with whether it is a mailbox or a 

The new user has a "Mail" directory in /home/user/ but I do not. 
In /home/~/.kde/share/apps/kmail, the new user does not have a "mail" 
directory, but I do.

The new user has all of the mail show up in /home/user/Mail.  Some of my mail 
shows up in /home/bob/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail. That directory is a mix of 
directories and files which appear to be a "mailbox" format.

Now I say some of my mail because, in kmail itself I have an extensive list of 
directories. e.g. I have a Linux directory which has at least 50 
sub-directories who have further directories below them. When I look in 
the .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail file I do not see them. Linux is a "mailbox" 
with a few entries in it, not a directory. Where are all of those 

Not a big deal because everything seems to be working OK  but I sure would 
like to understand what is going on. And, maybe I should be thinking about 
making everything the same? Hmmm scary thought.

Bob S.

BTW this is kmail 1.9.1
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