Kmail missing from FC5

nigel henry cave.dnb at
Sat May 20 21:55:26 BST 2006

Anyone know what's happened to Kmail on FC5? I omitted for the first time to 
do a customize packages on FC5 install, and have only added some of the KDE 
stuff, KDEbase, KDElibs, KDEgraphics, KDEnetwork, KDEmultimedia, and 

Can't say I'm too impressed with FC5. I've always used Kmail as an e-mail 
client, and now it seems it's gone AWOL on FC5. It would seem like that I'm 
being forced to use evolution as an e-mail client, which I'm not going to do.

Any suggestions as to how to get Kmail installed on FC5 would be ever so 
welcome, as I don't like being dictated to as to which e-mail client I must 

I havn't upgraded a Fedora Core install. FC5 is on some spare harddrive space, 
but all the same It's not nice losing apps. Nigel.

KDE version:  3.5.2-0.2.fc5 Red Hat
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