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Jeroen van der Waal jwaal at
Fri May 19 17:21:28 BST 2006


I am working for a large company that is involved in medical software. The 
field of medical applications is really interesting and the idea of creating 
something for KDE was born. The idea is to make KDE 'Dicom' aware. Dicom is 
the image format used for medical applications. 

I am working on several KDE plugins. A meta data plugin that shows for a dicom 
file the patient, gender, kind of image, date and other related data. This 
plug-in works. 

Another item I like to make is an thumbnail creator. I tried some tests, but 
no success. The problem is that no thumbs are created and it seems that my 
application is not picked up by the kde environment. I followed some examples 
but no success. At last I am busy making a viewer to open and view dicom 

To get the thumbcreator working the next step was to trace the kde system 
using kdebugrc. Also some usefull information was available in earlier posts. 
I changed kdebugrc using kdebugdialog and changed it manually.

The question I have is that I do not see no informational info in .xsession or 
to standard error. I restarted kde via kdeinit but still no informational 

I am using kde 3.5 part of suse 10.1.

Who can help me getting my thumbcreator to work? What for information should I 
look for? How do I know my thumbcreator is picked up by KDE? 

The source code of the test to see I am able to create some thumbnail (an xpm 


#include <thumbcreator.h>
#include <kdebug.h>
#include <qimage.h>

 class DicomThumbCreator : public ThumbCreator
	: ThumbCreator()

		virtual ~DicomThumbCreator ()
		virtual bool create(const QString &path, int width, int height, QImage &img)
			kdDebug() << "thumbcreator file path" << path << endl;
			QImage myimage("/home/jeroen/wouter.xpm");
			img = myimage.smoothScale( width, height);
			return true; ///< false means no image is created

		virtual Flags flags () const { return ThumbCreator::DrawFrame; }


extern "C"
	ThumbCreator *new_creator()
		kdDebug( ) << "Dicom thumbcreator active!" << endl;
		return new DicomThumbCreator();



[Desktop Entry]
Comment=thumbnail creator for dicom images

Kind regards, 

Jeroen van der Waal

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