17 million Terrabytes?

raid517 raid517 at ukonline.co.uk
Fri May 19 23:15:25 BST 2006

Hi, whenever transferring large files of 4GB~ and above, either from 
FTP, or SMB (or possibly through other network modes also) Konqueror is 
unable to count the amount of data being transfered and either stops 
counting at 2GB~ with FTP, or in the case of Samba transfers, it reports 
that 17 Million TB of Data has been transferred in the space of only a 
few minutes - and then it again stops counting.

However when the file download has completed, the size of the 
transferred file is normal.

Needless to say I don't have 17 million Terabytes of storage - indeed i 
am lucky if i even have 200GB.

This was supposed to have been fixed in KDE 3.1 - but apparently the bug 
is now back. Should i report it, or do the developers already know about it?

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