Have apps on root window or disable window decoration?

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Fri May 19 21:32:42 BST 2006


| > | When you 'detect' the clock, you should choose the option Use Window
| > | Class (whole application).
| >
| > It's really strange that that doesn't work, either.
| > For you, what happens if you specify "Skip Task Bar"
| > and "Keep Below".  Does the window stay below all the
| > windows and does it disappear from your task bar?
| Yes, it does (however, it still hovers *above* the desktop
| icons). Did you really check the checkbox right of the combobox
| specifying "Force"?

Yes.  I'm quite positive.  I tried once again just now.  This
time I used "plan" (an old calendar program for X Window).
I "detected" the window and checked the "Use window class (whole
application)" and pressed "OK".  I visited the "Preferences" tab,
checked the checkbox for "Skip Task Bar", and selected "Force"
of the combobox on the right.  I pressed "OK", "Apply", and "OK".
I still see the "plan" in my task bar.  I repeated this cycle and
saw no change.

Is it possible that I'm using an old version of KDE?
I'm using the testing distribution of Debian GNU/Linux.
KDE consists of many Debian packages, so I don't know which
represents the version of KDE as a whole.  The package named
"kde" says "Version: 5:45", whatever it means.
(I've never seen a colon in a version number!)

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