KPackage cannot connect to localhost port 22

Justin Denick justin.denick at
Thu May 18 14:21:38 BST 2006

Stupid is a terrible word and ought not be used on a Public List. That
attitude will force moderation and who wants to be that girl or guy.

Go back to the original post before you resort to such childish adjectives.
I agree, optimizing your commands to suit only the situation in which it
will be exectued, is a great practice.

to allow root to your xsession try typing the following command as you
 xhost +
this will grant anyone from anywhere acess to your xsession

But when, members post to there list I don't think that they should have to
go through all the motions in every step. Instead of saying:

PASSWD: your passwd
your at yourhost$ sudo
PASSWD: your passwd
root at yourhost# for files in `/bin/ls --color=none /etc | grep ^make.conf$`;
do cp $files $files`date +%m%d`.bak && vim $files;

I will just say the edit the make.conf file
Security and practice are a matter of preference, I'm just trying to help.

It's a pointer, not a solution. Besides, who runs without a dedicated Linux
Based firewall running some IP Tables telling anyone trying to connect to
your Xserver or any port that doesn't deal with time mail.

On 5/18/06, Never you mind <scrpt at> wrote:
> On 18/05/2006, at 4:05 PM, Christian Mueller wrote:
> > Am Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2006 01:27 schrieb Jes Hall:
> >> Most distributions disable TCP connections to X11. xhost + is not
> >> going to let
> >> people arbitrarily connect to his X server unless he is running
> >> something
> >> like Slackware or LFS.
> >
> >
> > You have a point there.  OTOH xhost + doesn't have any advantages over
> > xhost +localhost if all you want to do is solve a local problem.
> > So better to be safe than sorry.  But typing commands you don't quite
> > understand because someone one the internet said so is potentially
> > dangerous anyway ...
> yes, and desperate people are likely do stupid things.
> Lurkers: I'm still looking for a cause for the connection error :-)
> malcolm
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