ftp client behind squid proxy

Sebastian Reitenbach itlistuser at rapideye.de
Wed May 17 17:23:05 BST 2006


> > anybody knows an gui (preferrably kde) ftp client that works behind a 
> > proxy and allows up and downlods?
> I haven't tried  FTP through proxy yet, but just to make sure: you have set 
> the correct proxy values for FTP in Konqueror?

yes, I have, and it works for downloading. well it is cumbersome, as you have 
to click every file that you want to download, because squid presents a 
website to the webbrowser. squid itself is also able to handle ftp PUT 
requests, but when I try to drag n' drop a file at the opened ftp konqueror 
browser, KDE starts to open the file, according to the MIME type, but does not 
upload the file.

kasablanca doesn't seem to be able to use a http proxy for ftp connections.


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