Slow display access in konqueror

Denis Vlasenko vda at
Wed May 17 11:16:04 BST 2006

On Saturday 29 April 2006 08:47, Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!

>   And finally, about the problem: Generally, the system is very fast. KDE
> starts up for about 6 seconds for the first time on a freshly booted system
> (bottleneck in the hard disk bandwidth, even it's a SATA-II) and subsequent
> starts are below 2 secs. Amazing! However, *some* graphical operations are
> *unbelievably* slow. For example, rendering a page in konqueror occurs in one -
> two steps, but every step takes about 3 seconds (!) and one may observe the
> process, how the image is slowly appearing from top to bottom of the screen.
> Please be aware that it's not slow khtml rendering, it's slow copying of the
> rendered image to the physical window. Scrolling of the page is a pain - every
> small movement of the scroll slider causes a "wave" going upside down and
> redrawing the contents. I think that a dialog box saying "Please wait, putting
> a pixel" would be appropriate here :-).
>   This behaviour contrasts with the rest of the system - even the graphical
> actions like appearing/disappearing of windows with full contents are nicely
> fast. I've found a second app - kpat - which probably exhibits something
> similar. The card movement is very choppy and it seems that the system is
> totally busy when playing a demo :-). However, I can play any video in kaffeine
> or kmplayer without a glich and with CPU load of 0.20 :-).

>   Does anybody have any hint, what's the possible cause and how to fix it ?

Not much of a hint, but:
* Which version of KDE and X?
* What process eats CPU according to top? Konqueror or X?
* Try older KDE and/or X version
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