window cycling problem

Dani Barna Daniel.Barna at
Thu May 11 08:53:03 BST 2006

I am using kde which was shipped with Ubuntu-5.10. My problem is the following: if there are two windows (A and B), which are overlapping, and there is a third window (C), which does not overlap with any of A and B, and the mouse pointer is in the overlapping region of A and B, then - when cycling with Alt+Tab - the window C never gets the focus. 

Is this a known problem? Any suggestions?

I also do not like the way kde cycles windows. If a new window is focused+raised due to Alt+Tab, the previously focused window goes to the background (below all other windows). Is it possible to change this behaviour such that only the newly focused window is raised, and no other windows change their depth?

Thank you
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