Problem storing files from konqueror

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon May 1 08:37:47 BST 2006

  What a shame that I, a KDE user from 1.x days, have to ask there... But
I really can't find a solution myself...
  Something has happened that when a file from konqueror web browser has to be
stored (by a clicking on a link and selecting the "Store" option from the
subsequent dialog), konq doesn't show the file save dialog, but it immediately
tries to save the file to a predetermined directory. This directory doesn't
exist anymore (it was a single-purpose directory for a particular project),
so kget immediately fails that it cannot open the destination.
  When the link is Shift-clicked, all is OK - a file save dialog occurs, my
Home directory is preselected, and the transfer successfully proceeds.
  How to reenable the file save dialog in a standard file saving procedure ?
  I would suppose that when such a failure like non-existant destination 
directory occurs, the dialog reappears automatically, allowing to change it.
But there is just a failure indicated and I have even to manually remove the
queued transfer from kget because it will never be successfull.
  All this occurs on a fresh 3.5 branch.
  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
                               With regards, Pavel Troller
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