unable to create shortcut to start kmodemlights applet

golfer golfbuf at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 20:53:49 GMT 2006

I'm using kde-3.5.1 on ubuntu devel branch.  I installed kmodemlights
from kde-apps.org and like it a lot.  kmodemlights is a network
connection monitor with a graph like knetload, but also has a start /
stop dialog popup like knemo.  It is an applet in the panel.

It would be great if I could use a shortcut key to popup the
connection dialog window, so I could start the dialup without using
the mouse.  But, I have not been able to create a shortcut.

Here's what I've tried and failed.

First, I tried opening the window applications menu (Alt-F3) on the
popup, and going to Advanced, then Window Shortcut, and entered a key
sequence, but issuing the shortcut fails to popup the dialog.

Next, I thought I could use the kcontrol Input Actions to create a
popup shortcut.  I selected New Action and specified "Keyboard
Shortcut -> Activate Window (simple)" as the Action Type under the
General tab, then on the Keyboard Shortcut tab, I selected my keys
(Alt+Ctrl+\), then on the Window tab, I hit New, then Simple, then on
the popup, I selected Autodetect, and moved the mouse crosshairs to
click on the kmodemlights dialog window.  After hitting OK and Apply,
this still does not work.

I also tried using "xprop" in a konsole, and clicking on the
kmodemlights dialog window, but it just shows kicker, instead of
kmodemlights .. WM_CLASS(STRING) = "kicker", "Kicker"

I also tried using kdop to try to search for kmodem, but nothing
results.  I thought maybe I could use a dcop command.

Any tips on how I can create this shortcut?

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