give KDE demos, find a KDE development job

Amir Michail amichail at
Sat Mar 25 10:34:23 GMT 2006


I've started work on, a place where you can watch people
give demos and do daily work on their computers:

As an example of how this service could be useful, when releasing a
new version of a KDE application, you can have a "VNCCast" to show off
your new features to any interested viewers.  I plan to have a chat as
well, so it would be an interactive demo.

As another example, suppose you would like to get a KDE development
job.  What better way to impress a potential employer than to show
them how you work on a daily basis on an open source KDE project?  In
fact, any time you "code live", you may end up being interviewed by
one or more companies.

Think of these VNCCasts as specialized TV channels with multiple live
broadcasts.  People will be able to subscribe to VNCCasts of interest
so that they don't miss any broadcasts. It's sort of like freshmeat,
but for VNC.

There's a simple KDE desktop demo VNCCast.  Just click on "view" to
see it using the standard (not "tight") VNC viewer.  If you get a
black screen, please try again later.

Any feedback would be appreciated.  I hope this may be of use to the
KDE community.

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