Bill Wells hammer29 at
Mon Mar 20 03:31:08 GMT 2006

I recently had to reinstall KDE on my Slackware 10-2 box because of some 
serious problems I had generated.  I saved the .kde directory from my home 
directory to preserve e-mail and bookmarks only.  I used the Slackware 
pkgtool utility to remove kde.  I rebooted to hopefully lose any artifacts.  
Then after rebooting, installed kde from the Slackware distribution using 

When I installed the kweather applet, the option to enter locations by icao 
codes was not present.  I know it was there and I had used it in the previous 
incarnation of kde from the same source.  

I am sure it is something minor that I am missing but after 3 weeks of poking, 
prodding, googling querying friends and relatives, I have not discovered the 
solution to my dilemma.  

Bill Wells

Slackware 10-2
KDE 3.4.2 (from distro iso)
AMD Athlon 
256 Mb Mem
Asus A7M266 MB  
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