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Bob Stia rnr at
Sun Mar 19 06:36:57 GMT 2006

Hello KDE people,

Upgraded KDE to 3.5.1.  Since then I have lost functionality in the Kmail 
address book.  I had it set up originally as "resource" containing several 
hundred e-mail addresses. It was further broken down into "family", 
"friends", "mailing lists" etc.

When I try to send a new mail (by clicking on the "Select" bar for the "To" 
address I cannot access the lists except for the category of "Mailing Lists".
Very annoying because I have to go find the address and type it in by hand. 

The regular address book has all of my e-mails including the sub-categories 
mentioned previously. Don't really understand the relationship between the 
"regular" addressbook and what Kmail displays for sending messages.

I have 8 separate "vcf" cards in kabc and they all appear to be exactly the 
same. The order of names is incorrect, some are old unused and deleted 
addresses, and not all of my collection of addresses are displayed in them.

Hope someone can help me sort this out.

Bob S.
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