kmail fails to send mail

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Sun Mar 19 00:19:23 GMT 2006

On Saturday 18 March 2006 13:41, kitts at wrote:
> On Thursday 09 March 2006 21:38 IST, kitts at wrote:
> > For about a week know i am faced with the following error:
> > > Sending failed:
> > > Could not connect to host
> > > The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder until you either fix the
> > > problem (e.g. a broken address) or remove the message from the 'outbox'
> > > folder. The following transport protocol was used:
> > > HotPOP
> >
> > I am however, able to send mail from my GMail account. I am not sure what
> >   the problem is... can anyone help? I am currently being forced to send
> > mail
> >
> > on this id using a webservice such as mail2web.
> This continues to be a problem... can anyone help?
> --
> Cheers!
> kitts

Hi Kitts. Not sure what help I can give. Any thing in the outbox delete. If 
it's there and is malformed, it will stop anything being sent. Check in 
Kmails setup that smtp for sending mail is set up correctly. In your case., as the host. Check with your ISP to make sure that port 25 
is useable for smtp. Some ISP's require you to use a different port, as there 
are problems using port 25. Also your post said "The following transport 
protocol was used: HotPOP". If that is so, It's a bit strange, as it appears 
to indicate that something isn't configured correctly. Another thing to 
consider if you use more than 1 ISP. You cannot send mail via, if you are connected, for instance, to a different ISP. You 
can receive mail via pop3 servers no matter which ISP you are connected to, 
but can only send mail through, when connected to hotpop,com.

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