cannot login a new user in KDEV3.3 or V3.4

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at
Thu Mar 16 18:31:50 GMT 2006

Op donderdag 16 maart 2006 17:31, schreef Jim Steichen:
> After adding a new user, either via KUser or via console commands,  the
> KDE login
> accepts the new user name & password, then goes blank for awhile &
> returns to the KDE login
> screen.  The ~/.xsession-errors file for the new user is as follows:
> As you can see, KDE has problems, but does allow the old user to login &
> startkde.
> This problem exists for KDE V3.3.2 & V3.4.3, so I don't think it's
> really a KDE problem.
> I verified that I can create a new user on my Daughter's laptop, which
> is also running
> gentoo, so I'm pretty sure that there's a config file somewhere with a
> bogus setting,
> I just don't know where or what it is.  The new user belongs to the same
> groups as the
> older user, so the problem is not group-related.  I also verified that
> startkde knows
> the proper $PATH setting up to the point in the script where error
> messages get generated
> (line #166 etc).  I Briefly experimented with liberalizing the
> permissions of
> and, but this did not fix the problem either.  Any
> ideas?

In ~/.bashrc of the new user, add:


and ~/.xinitrc of the user should have

<PREFIX_TO_KDE>/bin/startkde .

With of course, <PREFIX_TO_KDE> replaced by... KDE's installation prefix.

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