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Wed Mar 15 10:10:39 GMT 2006

On Wednesday March 15, 2006 3:11 am,Dick put down his coffee cup and wrote:
I have seven files as you specified. I also have seven files that end whit 
various letters and rthe word "new". When I open any one I get a choice of 
"directory, file, lpda, novell, etc" I choose file, Then I get a choice of 
"vcard, binery, or kde repository" I chose KDE. Is that correct?
Thanks for your time
> Dick Barmann wrote:
> > I am using KDE3.5  Kontact/Kmail. Today when I booted up all my Kontack
> > List was blank. I still had the catagories but no name in resources.
> > Where can I find them and re install them. This happened before and a
> > friend who was here did something and restored everything. That was last
> > fall.
> Are you bumping into this bug?:
> It'll be fixed in 3.5.2.
> Regards,
> Philip

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