Using xstarfish as background picture generator

Christian Hammers ch at
Mon Jun 26 21:08:07 BST 2006


xstarfish is a program that generates wonderful "mathematical computer art"
to use as desktop background.
Is it possible to use it with KDE, too? I noticed that in kcmbackground i.e.
settings:/LookNFeel/ -> Background under "advanced options", I can chose
configure a generator program but 
 - I'm not sure if I should no image on the left side
 - what exactly to enter for the preview image command

I tried "xstarfish -g %{x}x%{y} -o %f" for both image and preview and now
kcmbackground just hangs and does not let me change the value again *g*

I would be glad if KDE had an option to completetly leave the background
as-is and not even displays this greenish windows like default background
which currently overwrites xstarfish if I start it from console.



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